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Effective 4/12/2021, the semi-quantitative D-Dimer will be replaced with a Quantitative D-Dimer test in our DIC Screen.  Our new panel is called DIC Screen 2 and the service code is 6376.  The CPT codes for the new panel are the same except code 85379 is replacing 85378.


Effective 3/26/2021, due to a nationwide shortage of reagents, we are unable to perform molecular testing for the Prothrombin Gene Variant and the MTHFR Gene Variant C677T.  This testing is discontinued until further notice. 

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Franklin A. Bontempo, MD

Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Diagnostics
Andrea Cortese Hassett, Ph.D.

Irina Chibisov, MD

Director, Clinical Operations
Joan Sevcik, RN, BSN


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