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Coagulation Laboratory Services

Research Projects

The Coagulation Laboratory is committed to research on blood-related diseases including coagulopathies and infectious disease. Individual cases of research interest should be discussed with the Scientific or Medical directors of the Coagulation Laboratory. Testing on non-human specimens is also available. Research projects may be considered for special pricing.

Industry Leadership in Clinical Trials

The Coagulation Laboratory clinical team members are leaders in transfusion medicine who work extensively with industry investigators and have broad experience in clinical trials, including:

  • Pharmaceutical drug evaluation.
  • Animal model funded research.
  • Manufacturer assay development studies.

The team of physicians, clinicians and scientists at the Coagulation Laboratory adapt to the needs of investigators through a thorough understanding of hemostasis and thrombosis and insightful practical knowledge that is key to clinical trial investigators. This expertise enables the team to extend beyond routine and esoteric patient testing into the field of innovative research. The Coagulation Laboratory has assembled pathology and genetics experts in a variety of therapeutic areas to support clinical trials.

Courier Services

Vitalant Specialty Laboratories will schedule regular specimen collection at your facility. For clients located outside our region, we offer overnight delivery service through Federal Express.

The Vitalant couriers receive training in the following areas at the time of hire and annually thereafter.

  • Strict confidentiality of all patient information that is included with the specimens that you submit for testing.
  • OSHA and safety training in the proper handling of potentially biohazard specimens.
  • Correct handling of specimens including the appropriate storage during transport in insulated containers of wet ice, dry ice, or ambient temperature. They are also made aware of the special handling required for time-sensitive testing such as platelet aggregations and closure times. They are trained to report all unusual incidents to the processing staff at the Coagulation Laboratory. There are process improvement procedures in place to report the mishandling of specimens and to determine the appropriate corrective action.

Consultation Support Staff

The Coagulation Laboratory offers professionals who are available to assist you with the interpretation of test results. Services are provided in the areas of coagulation, genetic testing, infectious disease, outpatient transfusions, therapeutic apheresis, platelet immunology, and immunohematology. There is no charge for these consultative services.

These individuals may be contacted by calling Client Services at 412-209-7406, 412-209-7329 or 1-800-967-9672:

  • Bontempo, Franklin A., MD
  • Chibisov, Irina, MD
  • Cortese Hassett, Andrea, PhD
  • Kiss, Joseph E., MD
  • Triulzi, Darrell, MD

For Technical/Laboratory inquiries, please call 412-209-7109.