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History of Pathways

In 2009, the Coagulation Laboratory began the process of implementing Orchard® Copia® for increased integration and outreach to its clients. Part of the implementation process included working with the Vitalant Marketing and Communications department to create a new look and name for the software, similar to what ViraCor did when they started using Copia.

Orchard Copia is an outreach and EMR connectivity system used by hospital and reference laboratories and lab networks doing outreach. Copia links multiple labs and enables Web-based access and client EMR integration for order entry and result delivery. It is designed to work with most existing laboratory information systems, allowing organizations to capture all the advantages of Web-based outreach and EMR integration without investing in a new LIS.

In July 2010, the Coagulation Laboratory unveiled the name Pathways, complete with new look and logo, on its Web site. The name was developed from the idea that Copia serves as the “pathway” of communication from the hospital/clinician to the lab. Currently clients are using Pathways for both order entry and result delivery. Benefits are reduction in errors during order entry and real-time result access.

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Effective March 1, 2020, the maximum turn around times for our molecular assays will be updated to align with current laboratory practices.