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Effective 4/12/2021, the semi-quantitative D-Dimer will be replaced with a Quantitative D-Dimer test in our DIC Screen.  Our new panel is called DIC Screen 2 and the service code is 6376.  The CPT codes for the new panel are the same except code 85379 is replacing 85378.


Effective 3/26/2021, due to a nationwide shortage of reagents, we are unable to perform molecular testing for the Prothrombin Gene Variant and the MTHFR Gene Variant C677T.  This testing is discontinued until further notice. 

Coagulation Updates

Below is a complete list of all Coagulation Updates published from November 2011 to the present that are relevant to the Coagulation Laboratory.

Issue #7 Factor VII deficiency Shani Gunning-Carter, M.D.
Irina Chibisov, M.D.
Issue #6 Von Willebrand Disease Alyssa Zottola, Student
Irina Chibisov, M.D.
Issue #5 Rivaroxaban Irina Chibisov, M.D.
Issue #4 Splanchic Venous Thrombosis Irina Chibisov, M.D.
Issue #3 Superficial Thrombophlebitis Irina Chibisov, M.D.
Issue #2 Effects of Anticoagulant Therapy on Hypercoagulable Testing and Other Issues Affecting Results Irina Chibisov, M.D.
Issue #1 Update on Lupus Anticoagulant and Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Irina Chibisov, M.D.