Vitalant Specialty Laboratories & Therapeutics

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About Us

Our extensive regional testing facility is a resource for physicians, hospitals, large medical centers, and national reference laboratories in the diagnosis and treatment of coagulation disorders. We provide technically advanced clinical and investigative capabilities enabling us to provide specialty coagulation services that include medical consultation, testing, and education. In addition, we provide quality control analysis and troubleshooting services.

The laboratory performs more than 8,000 tests each month to identify deficiencies of coagulation factors and natural anticoagulants, and to determine the presence of dysfunctional coagulation proteins, platelet dysfunction, and acquired inhibitors.

The medical staff and laboratory personnel also work closely with the Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania to provide care to hemophiliacs, von Willebrand’s patients, and individuals with other congenital and acquired coagulation disorders.

The Coagulation Laboratory is CAP and CLIA certified and maintains licensures in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, California and Rhode Island. We actively participate in National Institutes of Health-sponsored research and FDA submission testing of reagent/test kits. The laboratory also provides coagulation services to research investigators and conducts vendor-sponsored clinical evaluations of instrumentation and diagnostic kits, therapeutic field trials and in-house test development.

We offer a variety of educational programs including post-doctorate training, technical lectures and composition of specific educational and scientific literature. Medical outreach programs and continuing education seminars are provided for medical professionals nationally. Of note is our annual "Cascade" seminar that brings in leaders in hemostasis and thrombosis for a CME accredited education program.

We also work extensively with industry investigators. We have broad experience in clinical trials including pharmaceutical compounds for evaluation, animal model funded research and manufacturer assay development studies.

Our team of physicians, clinicians, and scientists are able to adapt to the needs of investigators because they have a thorough understanding of hemostasis and thrombosis as well as insightful practical knowledge. This expertise enables them to execute research that extends beyond routine and esoteric patient testing.

We collaborate with industry experts to educate and monitor diagnostic technology trends and work with other laboratories and blood centers to troubleshoot problems and provide quality control testing.